Wizard to Duplicate SSRS Reports and Artifacts [AX 2012]

As reports have moved to SSRS in AX 2012, developers will notice that there is no option to duplicate SSRS reports and carry out with our customizations to existing in reports. In AX 2009, this was simple as we could just right click and select duplicate. Rename the report and then carry on with our changes.

AX 2012 is different. But developers need not worry. My friend Sreenath Reddy has developed a helpful wizard to duplicate an SSRS report along with some of its artifacts like CSharp business logic project, Data Provider class, Data Contract class and the report itself.

Click on this link to view and request for a copy of SSRS duplication wizard tool.


Please use  this tool and let us know your valuable feedback to improve the tool even further.


9 thoughts on “Wizard to Duplicate SSRS Reports and Artifacts [AX 2012]

  1. Hi to all,
    I developed one SSRS Report with Auto Design Format.
    I go to File –> Print –> Print & Print preview options are enabled but the Page Setup & Printer Setup
    are disabled.
    How to enable those Two Options. When it is enabled.

    Please help to solve the issues.

    Please Post remaining SSRS Concept.

    Thanks in Advance.
    By Raj

  2. I think this tool is very interesting to allow duplicate reports from the AX development area.
    Altought It is very easy to duplicate a SSRS report in AX 2012 from VS.

    You can do it from the Aplication Explorer of Visual Studio. Simply locate the report to duplicate and do right-click –> Duplicate.

    After add the report to the AOT and you’ll see the new report in AX AOT.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Hi Sumit,
    I have createed query bassed ssrs report in ax2012 ,the output is shown in preview and reporting server , but i am trying to open in ax through menuitem it shows an error ” Query with id workrequest doesn’t exist ” deployment also successfully.

    extranal information
    my server having the multiple aos and 1 reporting server .

  4. Hi Sumit,
    My requirement is 1) I want to display the SSRS report into Ep and
    2) when I open the report need to pass the values to the report like cust Id.But My report is query based report.
    Can you please help me how can I do that.

    1. You will have to define a cust id parameter. Displayong reports in ep is limited. Please check TSTimesheetSignOff report in ep. That will be print timesheet. That will help u in ur req.

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