Default Dimension Sorting

Often ERP users request that the default dimensions visible on the master records or transaction sources are sorted in a particular sequence. In D365, default dimensions are visible in the sorted order of the names. Taking this into account, following simple steps can be followed to create a sorted sequence with proper names displayed.

First create the financial dimensions with names that the sorted order is the sequence you need. Example, for this demo we need to create Region and then Business segment so this is what we do.

Create a new financial dimension with name A1Region

Go ahead and create 2nd Financial dimension with name A2BusinessSegment

Now the end user may not like these names displayed this way. Go ahead and setup the translations as shown below:

On translation form, enter as shown below:

Now go ahead, configure account structure, assign the structure as required. Once the setups are in, check any master record or transaction source and notice the dimension sequence.

So easy to setup the sorted sequences isn’t it?

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