Create Project Tool for Developers [AX 2012]

A small tool that I upgraded from AX 2009 to AX 2012 and added a few more options is available for download now.

This tool can help create Shared / Private projects for developers quickly and the same order as in AOT.

Creating project elements in proper order is something that many developers find a bit ‘tedious’ job. Now include this tool in your development environment and quickly create projects Smile. I have added this tool in “Tools” menu in development workspace.

Download the tool from here

Here is a sample screen of the tool.






10 thoughts on “Create Project Tool for Developers [AX 2012]

  1. Hi Sumit.

    I believe you could achieve the same by using a standard feature.

    1. Create/update some AOT items
    2. Create a new project
    3. Open the project, and, having it selected, click “Advance Filter/Sort ” tool button.
    4. In the “Project filter” dialog, select Groupings = AOT and then use Select button to specify criteria for the elements to be added to the project. It may be, say, “Modified by” or “Model ID” field value.
    5. Press OK.

    The elements that satisfy the criteria will be added to your project and grouped properly.

    You can repeat the steps again and again, so if there are any new elements that satisfy the criteria, they will also be included.


  2. Sumit,

    we have downloaded this component . its very useful. but a question from my wise coworker . you can create project , but how would you update with new aot layers , like adding reports section if not included origianlly , how would you do that.

  3. Hello,

    I like tidied things 😉
    Thanks for your tool.

    I’m just wondering if it could be possible to modify native behavior to automatically, depending of the nature of the draged object:
    – create a new group if not already existing
    – add the object to the existing group

    => this way you can manage modification and no need to know in first place all kind of objects you’ll need.

  4. This is great tool but it does not save the 3rd level in the project. Like Web/Web Menu Item/Actions even though it is in your code.

    Actions doesn’t seem to appear when the project is opened to begin use. Any suggestions? Version: AX 2012 R3 RTM.

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