AX Mobile Applications–Solugenix Corporation

Hi Friends,

Solugenix Corporation is involved in developing some easy to use mobile applications for AX. For more details, check this link out:


4 thoughts on “AX Mobile Applications–Solugenix Corporation

  1. hello…
    please can you tell me how to apply record level security key Funtionality in ax 2009 . when i am applying RLS it is takeing usergroup vice can you tall me funtionality how can i apply for per perticuler user only.

      1. Hello Sumit Sir,

        I had a query regarding The Security of AX 2012. We have developed a project and currently working on the Security part.

        Is it possible to disable the access to code for the end uses other than developers.

        I am working for Levtech Consulting, Bangalore and Iam a regular follower of your blogs, Sir. My email Id is

        Sir, I saw one of your blog which shows the encrytiption of object in AOT and need to ask the details about it….

        Waiting for your reply


  2. Dear Amit,

    In AX 2012 you need to apply proper roles based on the tasks that a user performs. If you dont give a user “System administrator” role, he or she will not be able to access Development environment and see X++ code. Rest you can check the roles and duties and privileges each role has to decide what all Roles are applicable for a user.

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