Presence Information in DAX

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 now has integration to Office Communicator. This allows a user to see presence information of a contact & contact him instantly. Office Communicator is required for this purpose.

We can enable the presence information in a AX Form Control of type StringEdit by setting up the following properties:

  1. PresenceIndicatorAllowed: If set to Yes then it will show the presence indicator sign in same control.
  2. PresenceDataSource: Data source which will have the PresenceDataField information.
  3. PresenceDataField: It should be the field for address book identification such as DirPartyId, ContactPersonId etc. These are the extended data types.

These extended data types are having the properties to call the Presence Class (DirPresenceInfo) & the respective method. These Properties are PresenceClass & PresenceMethod.

For ex: The DirPartyId field the Presence Class property is set to DirPresenceClass & the PresenceMethod property is set to "partyInfo".

The contact information should be available in the respective table. For ex: for an employee the contact information should be available & the Communicator Sign In address check box should be checked to use the feature.



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