AX 2012–Exciting Times Ahead

I know I may be writing these late but I have been pretty busy for last couple of years. I try to keep pace with the changes that are happening to AX.

Recently, I got a glimpse of changes that can be seen in AX 2012. I will list them down here.

-  The whole architecture has changed

– No  more AOD files, the application will be stored in separate Database in SQL Server itself

o This will help in increasing the performance of file related operations and AOT

– Visual studio’s workflow concept has been incorporated in AX 2012

– Not even a single form is similar to AX 2009

– New events on form introduced like “writing” that will be called when data is being written

– AIF completely changed, I hear there will be no concept of endpoints now but cannot confirm this

– AX reports are gone completely. They have been replaced by AX SSRS reports now

– MorphX is done away with, I hear the editor looks like visual studio editor (Need to see this with my own eyes Smile. Waiting eagerly for  that)

– Production, Master Planning completely changed

– MRP scheduling engine changed completely

– Fleet Management is part of AX now

– Lean and Process manufacturing are part of standard AX itself now

o They are controlled with license keys of course

MS Word and Excel Completely integrated. Now you can see a tab called Dynamics AX inside these

o You can directly upload data from these back to AX using web services

o You can add any data source in word or Excel and drag and drop fields inside them

– Compliance is a separate module now

– Supplier Relationship Management is a new module introduced

– No more work centers, it will be called as resources now

– SharePoint plays an important role in AX now

– Visual Studio editor is part of AX now, you can work on multiple layers simultaneously

– Extended Data Types will not have any relations node now. Everything needs to be defined at table level

Got a chance  to see  the MS Office 2010. Pretty cool changes happening.

Exciting times ahead guys, looking forward to working on AX 2012.

One thing is for sure. You have to ‘unlearn’ previous versions and then start a fresh with AX 2012 Smile.


4 thoughts on “AX 2012–Exciting Times Ahead

  1. Hi Sumit ,

    In the above blog you have mentioned that Fleet Management is part of AX now.

    I have been working on AX 2012 & 2012 R2 , but i can not find that module in the Axapta .

    Could you guide me how to find that module in the standard database.?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank you for the reply.

    Do you have any link with you regarding the Fleet management module in ax 2012?

    What do you mean by seperate model file ?

    Thanks in advance

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