Manage Deployment Issue with 64-Bit Operating Systems

Hi Friends… I was assisting our Infra team in deploying EP on 64-Bit Windows Server 2008 System. While deploying we encountered this error which I thought can be shared with all. Here is the screen shot of this error:

Well I tried searching for it on the web and saw only one solution available and that was deploy the Web parts manually which was obviously a cumbersome task. We contacted Microsoft and they informed us about this tool called AXUpdatePortal.exe which is release as a part of AX 2009 SP1 that can be used to deploy the EP. So here is some information on AXUpdatePortal.exe

 AXUpdatePortal utility

The AxUpdatePortal utility is useful while deploying changes, such as modifications, or additions from AOT to Enterprise Portal Server and to the Sites. This tool is of great help when we have to deploy Web-related changes to all Enterprise Portal sites on an IIS server in just one step. The other options to deploy the EP are to run the AX Setup again on EP Server or Use “Manage Deployment” form (This works only for 32 bit machines).

To deploy selected pages, you need to go to AOT and deploy from the page definition node. This little tool which is a command line tool automates all this in one single step.

AxUpdatePortal is required only if you have made changes in AOT and you want to push these changes to the web server you would use this utility. Other Advantage of AxUpdatePortal utility is that if you have number of page definitions changed in AOT and you want to deploy these changed pages to the existing EP sites, earlier you had to right click each one of the changed page definition node in AOT and deploy.

This tool is located in <System Drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup\ (Basically the setup folder of AX 2009 installation folder).

The AxUpdatePortal.exe is run from a command line. The following examples show the common ways the utility can be run.


AxUpdatePortal -updateWebSites

AxUpdatePortal -verbose > "C:\EPUpdate.log"

AxUpdatePortal -iisreset

AxUpdatePortal -updateWebSites -verbose > "C:\EPUpdate.log"

For more information on this tool and its usage visit following site:



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