Run-Time Form Manipulations

Below is a small code snippet depicting the movement of form controls at run-time. ‘Address’ form is taken as an example to demonstrate this particular feature.
Do observe the ‘General’ and ‘Address’ tab pages when you run the job.
static void moveControl(Args _args)
    FormRun fr = new FormRun(new Args(formstr(Address)));
    Object      parentControl;
    Object      insertAfterControl;
    FormControl control;
    void wait(int _delayTime = 1000)
        Object  waitObject = new Object();
        waitObject.setTimeOut(‘Notify’, _delayTime);
    parentControl =‘Tab’);
    control =‘TabAddress’);
    insertAfterControl =‘TabOverview’);
    //——-Un comment the line if you want to store the changes in SysLastValue (User setup)

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