XML generation in 3.0 and 4.0

In today’s world no system can stand alone and work. It needs to talk to many other systems or applications to easily, effectively work and reduce business costs.
Today the most acceptable format for any two systems to talk is the XML format. Ax also do have support for generating data in XML format and deliver it to different transportation modes…
One solution provided by Microsoft itself is the "Application Integration Framework" a very robust feature of Dynamics AX 4.0 which works on the concepts of queries and entity keys…
What about the scenarios where people do not want to use this AIF, or would want to have their own XML generation techniques….
In such scenarios people can make use of various xml classes provided by standard AX. Below is the list of few classes in reader – writer pair
  • XmlTextReader – XmlTextWriter
  • XmlReader – XmlWriter (XmlReaderSettings – XmlWriterSettings for different xml settings)
  • XmlDocument
  • XmlSchema (for schema handling)

There are many more classes for Xmls and Xml schemas which can be found in System documentation -> Classes.

I thought let me just see the usage of one such class. So i created a very basic framework for generation of Xmls…

The link below contains a project for XML generation framework in 3.0 and 4.0



The project shows usage of XmlWriter class and also the technique of generating an XML in case we do not have any Xml writing classes…

Do send in ur comments on this project…

The road ahead…

  • Usage of Xml namespace concept
  • Schema generation and validation
  • Xml transformations

Would be glad to take your inputs for the above said enhancements to the basic Xml generation framework…


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