Locking and unlocking objects

In AX 3.0 there was an option of locking and unlocking the objects while working on them in multi-user development environment. In AX 4.0 this feature was replaced by version controlling where if there is a version control software installed and your AX is mapped to that version control software then you can check in and check out the objects and work on them exclusively. But in the environments where version controlling software is not installed locking objects exclusively for your development is not possible. This leads to lots of problems in multi user development environment. If two people are working simultaneously on the same object there is bound to be a clash. Keeping this in mind i came up with a small tool developed in AX itself for exclusively locking and unlocking the objects.
This option of lock-unlock can be seen in "Add-ins" context menu.

2 thoughts on “Locking and unlocking objects

  1. When you click on the Link above it will open the Axapta Pedia page where you will find the .xpo link right click and say Save target as… that should do it.

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